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Our world needs
more entrepreneurs

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My name is Roger Pierce and I’m an entrepreneurship expert.


I believe the world needs more entrepreneurs – and I’m here to help. 


Check out my video on the subject.

I believe life as an entrepreneur is better than working a regular job because you can control your time, set your own rules, work with people you like, decide how much money you want to make, and pursue your passion. 


And there's nothing more satisfying than building your own business.


For the past 25 years, I’ve enjoyed being an entrepreneur while starting, running and (sometimes selling) a total of 14 small businesses. 


I'm also a co-author of a start-up business book called Thriving Solo, spoken at entrepreneur events in 6 countries, and appeared in several major business publications.


One of the main ways I get my business advice out there is through small business content produced for banks and brands to put on their websites, so they in turn can help entrepreneurs.


Please look around the site. 


Hopefully we can work together! Connect with me anytime with the contact form/info below.

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