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When I'm not talking about entrepreneurship, my focus is on family and community

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I'm passionate about helping others to experience the joy that comes from being your own boss. All of my work is centred around encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting entrepreneurs.

I write about starting a small business, speak about starting a business, help big brands to connect with small business owners and, most importantly, I advise startup entrepreneurs. Check out some of my other websites and videos below. As someone who is now 50, I am increasingly focused on helping "50-something startups."

My more important roles are husband to my wife Tina and father to my two young children named Kaitlyn and Connor. I'm also quite fond of our family dog, Cinder. I'm a volunteer Scout Leader (that's me with my son Connor), a member of Toastmasters, a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, a member of a political party and a member of The Toronto Board of Trade. 

I like to run, workout in the gym, and distance cycle. And I am a lousy poker player.

I'm also a survivor. In 2017, I was hospitalized for a rare infection that led to Septic Shock. My organs shut down and I went into a coma. I was breathing through a respirator. The doctors told my wife that I would likely die. Thankfully, I fought my way back to life, but recovery wasn't easy – plenty of kidney dialysis and rehabilitation. Coming out of that terrible time, I've found a new energy and appreciation for life.

That's enough about me! I hope we can work together. Please contact me anytime.

Some of my other businesses
Some of my videos
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