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3 reasons why starting a business is awesome

It’s one of the most exciting (and challenging) things you can do in your lifetime.

The period of planning, launching and growing a business is a wonderful time in your life.

You get to put into motion the ideas in your head. You get to see it all come together. You get to make it all happen – on your time, using your energy and using your wits.

It will be a time full of excitement, fear and uncertainty all mixed together. Breathe it all in and just keep going, because you’ve made a monumental decision that will forever alter your life – for the better!

Here’s why your choice to enter entrepreneurship is so wonderful:

1. No more boss

This reason kind of speaks for itself. The freedom and independent you will now enjoy as a self-employed person is unlike anything you’ve experienced before as an employee. No set office hours. No one will set appointments in your schedule. No one will force you to follow company policy or work toward company objectives you don’t support. You control all of those things.

And here’s a perk: you can choose the people you work with – suppliers, partners, employees and even customers. On more than one occasion I've enjoyed the luxury of turning down a prospective customer because I didn't like them.

2. No income ceiling

A nice job with a nice cubicle and a nice salary is, well, nice. But it can’t satisfy the individual who wants more financial reward than any employer can provide.

The good news is there’s no income limit as an entrepreneur.

You can earn as much money as you want. Very few jobs pay you what you are truly worth. And 75% of millionaires in North America are self-employed.

While you may not be motivated entirely by money or personal wealth, you should take comfort knowing that you are now in the best position to realize new riches – however you define that.

3. Fulfil your purpose

You’ve likely started your business to pursue a passion. It’s a chance to do what you love to do, every day and all day, for the rest of your life. How good does that feel?

Being able to apply your talents (whatever they may be) is a gift that most employed people will never get to experience in their lives.

It’s also a chance to fulfil your purpose, or calling. You know what I mean: that “pull” to a certain mission or goal or objective that you just can’t ignore. You recognized a need to do something and decided to pursue it – to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Some might call it destiny. How exciting is that! Now is your chance to realize your personal and professional dreams by working at something you love to do and become the very best person you can be.

I believe entrepreneurship will give you the opportunity to self-actualize. It’s a platform to become the ultimate you. You can get everything you want (and deserve) out of life as an entrepreneur.

Congratulations on your decision to join almost 3 million Canadians who are also self-employed. You're in really good company.

Now get to work building something great.

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