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In PR and Entrepreneurship, Media Maestro Patrick McCaully Believes the Best Idea Wins

Updated: May 1

Twenty years back, Patrick McCaully sat at the national news assignment desk, sifting through pitches that were, frankly, lackluster.


In a revelation one sleep-deprived morning, he realized, "It'd probably be smarter to be a PR person than the guy that's sending out the camera," and leverage his frontline insight into what the media craved. But the path wasn't strewn with roses. Transitioning from journalism to PR agency ownership wasn't straightforward.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting Patrick on The Unsure Entrepreneur Podcast, where he shared insights from his impressive career and his innovative approach at Pointman News Creation, his PR agency.

Patrick isn’t just any PR specialist; his roots are deeply embedded in journalism, having worked on the assignment desks of three of Canada's four national broadcasters.

Which is why Pointman News Creation isn’t your run-of-the-mill PR agency. It specializes in "news creation," a nuanced approach that differentiates it from what Patrick calls “traditional vanilla PR.” Patrick emphasizes innovative strategies that break through the media noise, especially in a world where, as he puts it, "the world is burning, the world is melting."

He brings a touch of humour and a lot of creativity to campaigns that make them stand out. A prime example is his 'Real Cost of Love' survey, which humorously calculates the expenses involved in a relationship, showcasing his ability to turn a simple idea into a media hit.

“Media relations is probably the last meritocracy in the world.”

His entrepreneurial journey is filled with lessons valuable for anyone looking to make a mark in their field. A few pearls of wisdom Patrick dropped for budding entrepreneurs seeking media attention:

  • Understand the media: "You’ve got to get that media person who's half asleep to get excited about your pitch," he encourages. “No one cares about your product one's going to do a commercial for you unless you pay for it. That's advertising."


  • Be brilliant and confident: "Media relations is probably the last meritocracy in the world; you have to have the best idea. Do something that's independently newsworthy that the media can't ignore."


  • Be objectively creative: "You have to do something legitimately interesting on its own and relate it back to what you do somehow." He stresses that entrepreneurship too is not just about having a good product or service but about making it relevant and compelling to your target audience.


In the podcast, Patrick candidly spoke about the reality of entrepreneurial life, including the initial struggles.

"Are you supposed to have money when you start a business? Of course not," he chuckled. He underscores the importance of starting lean and using creative strategies to build your business from the ground up.

For those who dread the idea of selling, Patrick reminds us that, "The world is sales. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you're selling something." He believes being able to sell is fundamental to entrepreneurial success.

"The best idea wins."

In the podcast, Patrick’s journey and insights remind us that transitioning careers and starting a new venture requires not just skill and knowledge, but also creativity, resilience, and a touch of humour. His story is not just inspiring—it's a roadmap for anyone looking to make a significant impact in their field.

Remember, in entrepreneurship, as Patrick says, "the best idea wins," so keep innovating, stay persistent, and most importantly, believe in your vision.

To hear more, listen to my interview with Patrick on The Unsure Entrepreneur Podcast.

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Brilliant interview. Authentic - and real for both of you. And a great story.

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