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New Entrepreneurs Can Build a Delightful Business and Life, Believes Event Producer Louis Trahan

Starting with a simple idea to connect companies with last-minute training courses, Louis Trahan's entrepreneurial journey has evolved into a dynamic business that now caters to complex corporate training needs and virtual event production.

But, more importantly, his business now gives him the lifestyle he wants.

During our interview on The Unsure Entrepreneur Podcast, Louis shares how his company pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate seamless virtual experiences for numerous business clients, transforming potential logistical nightmares into opportunities for better audience engagement. "Our approach isn't just about keeping the show running; it's about making it better than ever before," Louis remarks.

His company emerged by adapting to these market changes. Today, Learngistics provides corporate training experiences including virtual conferences and training sessions.

One of the key areas of focus for Learngistics is AI readiness. Louis explains that AI is not just a buzzword but a crucial component for future-proofing businesses. "Every organization is in some state of AI readiness, whether they know it or not," he noted. He elaborates on how AI can help small businesses compete with larger enterprises by enabling sophisticated automation and improving operational efficiency without requiring extensive technical skills.

Clients should be delighted, says Louis.

From the podcast interview, here's a few key takeaways for new entrepreneurs:

  • Ask the right questions. When he was starting up, Louis made certain assumptions about his target market that later proved incorrect. Fortunately things worked out, but he encourages new entrepreneurs to ask the right questions to potential clients to ensure the viability of their business idea.

  • Be delighted. "Clients should be delighted," Louis emphasizes, by improving offering and service levels to a point where clients can't justify buying elsewhere.

  • Adapt or die. The ability (and willingness) to pivot in response to market changes and opportunities is essential for entrepreneurs.

"Flexibility is worth more than money to me."

Louis' impressive accomplishments and ability to hustle makes him, in my opinion, the most "entrepreneurial entrepreneur" I know. But when I asked him what he suggests upstart entrepreneurs should strive for, it wasn't about sales or money or status.

Instead, Louis encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to build a business around their desired lifestyle to align with personal and professional goals.

"What I love about being an entrepreneur is ultimately the flexibility ," he explains. "That flexibility is worth more than money to me. I'm successful but I'm not super rich — I'm not on a 500 foot yacht. But I enjoy my life, I have my house and I have my kids and I'm able to spend a lot more time being involved in my children's lives than I would if I worked for someone else."

Have a listen to the full interview with Louis on The Unsure Entrepreneur Podcast.

[Photo: Louis Trahan]

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