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Promises, Promises

There’s never a perfect time to start your own business – so do it now


I promise to start my business soon.

You see, I have an exciting idea. It is absolutely fantastic! Anyone who hears about it agrees. I get so pumped up just thinking about my idea that sometimes I can’t sleep. I have a really grand vision for my business idea that will change my life forever.

But now is not the right time to do it. Maybe later – definitely later.

My family keeps me very busy.

You see, my kids are young and they take up a lot of my time with swimming lessons, hockey practice and karate class. My daughter has homework assignments and my son needs constant supervision. Weekends and evenings are spent with them, which is what good parents must do. So, I don’t have much extra time to start a business – there’s only so many hours in the day, after all.

My job wears me out.

You see, while I hate my job, I can’t afford to quit. We need the income. There’s no way our family could survive without a steady paycheck. No way. And my boss is a complete idiot and wears me out. At the end of the workday I’m really, really tired, plus my commute adds two hours to my day so I’ve got no time and energy left to start my business. One day, when my work situation improves, I’ll be able to start the business – I promise.

I don’t have enough money to open a business.

You see, our mortgage is really expensive and consumes our money. The roof needs new shingles. The exhaust system on the car must be replaced soon. We have to buy winter tires. I just found out that our daughter needs braces, so that’s another $5000. And the holidays are approaching which is an expensive time of year. The bills are piling and it’s difficult to put away any extra cash to start my business. When I get some extra money, I'll get the business going.

When I feel healthier I’ll start my business.

You see, middle age is creeping up on my body and I don’t feel good about myself right now. I really want to lose twenty pounds. I plan to eat healthier food and get to the gym more often. Maybe a new hairstyle too. Once I lose the weight, and feel better about myself, I promise I’ll start my business.

I’ll start my business when the economy improves.

You see, I’m worried about what’s happening in the world right now – there’s turmoil everywhere. And this whole thing with the United States makes it seem foolish to start a business. Those darn politicians aren’t helping. When things calm down and conditions improve, I’ll definitely start my business.

I just need to do more research first.

You see, I want my business to succeed so I’ve got to do more market research. I’ve done quite a bit of research already but I’m still not sure people will buy what I’m going to sell. I’m nervous. More research and planning should provide the proof I need. Over the next couple of years, I’ll complete my market research, run the numbers again and talk to some more people. Then I’ll definitely start my business.

Once everything is perfect, I will start my business.

I promise.

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